The Peace Piece

War Memorial Times Sq.

Artist's statement:

This installation documents through costume, video and sound The Peace Piece as performed in the spring of 2003.

Wearing burkhas printed with UN High Commission on Refugees statistics and images of a baby at full-term, we walked shrouded to represent the nameless/voiceless/faceless who do not normally intersect with our lives. 90% of war casualties are civilians with the vast majority being women and children. The date of March 20th was chosen as it was the first day of spring and Persian New Year. It happened to land on the morning after the US commenced midnight bombing in Iraq. In silent meditation with the intention of peace in each step, beginning at dawn from the War Memorial by the Staten Island Ferry, we walked through our city - by Wall St., in Grand Central Station, traversing 42nd St, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue and into the night ending at Times Square.

The Buddhist offering of metta was key. There is no direct English translation for this word - it lives somewhere between compassion/empathic friendship/an offering of well-being.

may you be happy
may you be healthy
may you live with ease of heart; ease of mind
may you live in safety
may you live in peace

For this installation, the voices offering metta surround the space.

This ongoing process has been made with the assistance and participation of many.

Jennifer Gonzales
Monica Vasquez
Helen Bruno
Susan Osberg
Renée Rockoff-Kirk
Maline Casta

Courtney Harmel
Sara Driver
Sandy McLeod

Risé Cale
Laurie Anderson

Michael Daube
Paul Caranicas

Tom Jarmusch

Niina Reznick

Global Momenta
Daniel Starling
Gabrielle Kiss + Chris Lehrecke
Diane + Luke Lois
Malu Byrne
Deborah Lutz
Alpesh Patel
Scott Griffin
always Anne Pasternak

Many thanks to all.


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